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We are Altium; a seasoned team of executive search professionals with deep specialisation in fields of technology. We find and hire outstanding leaders and experts for clients, worldwide. Our approach is one built on many years of specialist knowledge, our ‘goldmine’ global partner networks and a forensic and personal methodology we know to be highly effective.

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The Altium Difference

We are very different to most recruiters and headhunters. In fact, we actively distance ourselves from bigger firms and the way they tend to work. If you choose Altium to be your trusted partner you can rest assured that we are retained and exclusive to your business. There will be no conflicts of interest.

Our approach is extraordinarily precise and our greatest value is in finding that one person your business needs the most, or assembling a strong team, wherever they may be and bringing them on board.

We underpin this with the importance that a relationship can only prosper longer-term if it is right for both parties at the outset. We will never put forward a candidate that is anything less than the right mutual fit.

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Solid Values

Working with recruiters can be fraught with frustration and issues. We have been doing what we do for a long time and we know how to look after clients. Our team is not huge and we can, with absolute integrity, say we are passionate about what we do and we care deeply about every hire we make.

Our business is built around clients getting the highest level of service from us. You will deal directly with experienced, senior partners who are knowledgeable, personable and who take the time to understand you, your business, your market and your goals. There are no substitutes for that time invested early on as it enables us to deliver fast and accurately.

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Global Reach

We have persuaded world-leading experts to join fledgling, but highly innovative, businesses and relocate thousands of miles away as part of that change; introductions that have delivered shared success to the client business and candidate alike.

Some of the world’s biggest tech brands, and some that you will not yet have heard of, trust Altium to find the talent needed in their offices and facilities around the world.

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Our remit comes with substantial responsibility — something we never underestimate nor approach prematurely. We know there is often only one opportunity to get the perfect candidate hired and we are the people who do that at the right time, in the right way to make it happen.

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